Okinawan Journal of Island Studies (OJIS) Volume 4

OJIS Volume 4, Number 1


Zmiinyi Ostrov (Snake Island), Wartime Media Coverage and the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict

Philip Hayward and Christine Kearney


Repositioning Pitcairn’s Tapa: Detecting the Voices of the Forgotten Women of Bounty

Donald Patrick Albert and Matthew Purifoy


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Donald Patrick Albert is a professor of geography in the Department of Environmental and Geosciences at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He is the founder and co-editor in chief of the International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research. Dr. Albert’s research spans across the subfields of medical geography and geography education, and since 2018, historical studies involving the Bounty/Pitcairn Island saga. These latter studies are available from Scholarly Works @ SHSU under the title Pitcairn Islands Research Station. The author collects Bounty/Pitcairn memorabilia including books, carvings, and stamps. Dr. Albert received graduate degrees in geography from Appalachian State University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Albert is a member of the Pitcairn Islands Study Group and a contributor to the The Pitcairn Log. He has received honors such as the Cratis D. Williams Best Thesis Award from Appalachian State University, Special Recognition Award from the College of Arts and Sciences at Sam Houston State University, and IGI’s Fellowship Award. Don Albert was born in historic Salem, Massachusetts, which has several connections to the Bounty/Pitcairn Island story. See Google Scholar to view a list of Albert’s book and article titles.


Philip Hayward is the editor of the online journal Shima and is an adjunct professor in the School of Communications at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He has written widely on island and marine topics in journals such as Anthropocenes, Coolabah, Island Studies Journal, Journal of Marine and Island Cultures, Perfect Beat, Small States and Territories, Urban Island Studies, and Wakayama Tourism Review. He has also written a number of books, including Cruiscology: The Music is Culture of Cruise Ships (co-authored with David Cashman)(2021) and Making a Splash: Representations of Mermaids (and Mermen) in 20th and 21st Century Audiovisual Media (2018). He has held visiting research professor positions at Kagoshima Unversity, Japan (2017) and Wakayama University, Japan (2021-2022) and has ongoing research collaborations with researchers at Ca Foscari University Venice, Italy, and Lodz University, Poland. 


Christine Kearney is a Lecturer in Digital Journalism in the School of Communication at the University of Technology Sydney. She has worked as a journalist for more than 25 years, extensively in international news, spending ten years as a correspondent in New York for Reuters, including stints in Los Angeles, Toronto and Kabul, Afghanistan. She has delivered international stories across platforms for digital, radio current affairs and television, including in The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and other media networks around the globe. She specialises in international, multimedia and digital journalism and her current research interests include creative non-fiction storytelling methods in foreign correspondence.


Matthew Purifoy is an undergraduate student in the Department of Environmental and Geosciences at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Mr. Purifoy is a senior with a major in geography. He was the recipient of a Faculty and Student Team (FAST) award from the Sam Houston Office of Research and Sponsored Programs which funded this project.



OJIS Volume 4, Number 2
Special Issue on Island Activisms


Editorial Note
Tiara R. Na’puti, Marina Karides, Ayano Ginoza, Evangelia Papoutsaki




“‘La langue vient de la musique’: Acadian Song, Language Transmission, and Cultural Sustainability on Prince Edward Island”

Meghan C. Forsyth



“Voice of the Voiceless”: The Pacific Media Centre as a Case Study of Academic and Research Advocacy and Activism”
David Robie



“My Words Have Power: The role of Yuri Women in Addressing Sorcery Accusation-Related Violence in Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea”

Dick Witne Bomai, Verena Thomas, Jackie Kauli, and Christina Spurgeon



“‘La Pause Décoloniale’: Women Decolonizing Kanaky One Episode at a Time”

Anaïs Duong-Pedica




Forum Essays

“Becoming an Ally: Moving from Knowing toward Understanding”

Gwyn Kirk



“Bonds of Island Activism among CHamoru and Filipino Women on Guåhan”

Tabitha Espina and Josephine Faith Ong



“Young Islanders Conserving Their Large Ocean State and Beyond”

Francielle Laclé



“Islander Activisms and Resistances: Any Role for Resiliences and Vulnerabilities?”

Ilan Kelman



“Famalåo’an in Film – Women in Film Across Islands”

Sylvia C. Frain



“Oceanic Activism: A Talanoa on Land, Love, and Resistance”

Kēhaulani Vaughn, Brandon J. Reilly, Alfred Peredo Flores, and Juliann Anesi



“Pacific Seasonal Workers’ Health and Health Care access in Australia: An Ethnographic Study in Regional Queensland”

Brenda Cangah



“A Convergence of Hands and Waters Weaving Relations and Resistances”

Karin Louise Hermes



“Can a Rice Ball Be a Source of Food Activism?”

Francesc Fusté-Forné




Curated Interviews

“The Island Feminisms Project: Imagined Through Social Justice and Praxis”

Marina Karides and Noralis Rodríguez-Coss



“An Island Conversation with Vehia Wheeler and Anaïs Duong-Pedica:  Unsettling Knowledge Production about/in the French-Colonized Pacific”

Vehia Wheeler and Anaïs Duong-Pedica




Book Reviews

Our Sacred Māori Voices. Edited by Kelli Te Maiharoa and Adrian Woodhouse. Otago Polytechnic Press, 2022.

Hinekura Smith



Placental Politics: CHamoru Women, White Womanhood, and Indigeneity under U.S. Colonialism in Guam. By Christine Taitano DeLisle. University of North Carolina Press, 2021.

Francine M.S.N. Naputi



Peace Action: Struggles for a Decolonised and Demilitarised Oceania and East Asia. Edited by Valerie Morse. Left of the Equator Press, 2022

David Robie



Sweat and Salt Water: Selected Works. By Teresia Kiuea Teaiwa. University of Hawaii Press, 2021.

Tarisi Vunidilo



No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies. By Julian Aguon. Astra house, 2022.

Samantha Barnett



Suva Stories: History of the Capital of Fiji. Edited by Nicholas Halter. The Australian National University, 2022.

Usha Sundar Harris



Polynesia 900-1600: An Overview of the history of Aotearoa, kohu and Rapa Nui. By Madi Williams. Canterbury University Press, 2021.

Evangelia Papoutsaki



Islands: Searching for Truth on the Shoreline. By Mark Easton. Biteback Publishing, 2022.

Henry Johnson



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