Okinawan Journal of Island Studies (OJIS), Vol.3 Number 2


Okinawan Journal of Island Studies (OJIS), Vol.3 Number 2

Special Issue on Resilience & Vitality

Guest Editors: Ayano Ginoza and Ikue Kina




Cultures of Resilience and Vitality in the Okinawa Islands and Beyond

Ayano Ginoza



PART I: Island Communities


Early Human Cultural and Communal Diversity in the Ryukyu Islands
Kaishi Yamagiwa

Remembering the Battle of Okinawa and Reshaping Community War Narratives: The Commemoration of Irei no Hi in the Okinawan Diaspora in Hawai‘i
Kinuko Maehara Yamazato

Okinawa Islands Epistemologies in the Women’s Unai Festival of 1985

Ayano Ginoza

Indigenous Women’s Storytelling in Resistance and Resilience: The Stories of Liglav A-Wu and Tami Sakiyama

Ikue Kina

Cultural Heritage and Its Authenticity: Spatialization of Local Pasts through Making Models in Jinguashi Mine, Taiwan

So Hatano and Hui-ju Lin



PART II: Overcoming the Past


“Overcoming the Past” Concerning the War Experiences on Kumejima
Atsushi Toriyama

Historical Salvation and Human Recovery: The Massacre of Koreans on Kumejima
Sejong Oh

A Descriptive Review of Research on Peace Education Concerning Okinawa
Syota Tanno



PART III: Health and Life


Dealing with Precarity in the Hog Industry and Resilience on Okinawa Island: A Case Study of the 2020 Classical Swine Fever

Asami Nago

Resilience of Community in the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines
Crystal Amiel M. Estrada, Ernesto R. Gregorio Jr., Jun Kobayashi



PART IV: Military and Environment


Documenting the History of Sexual Violence by the US Military in Okinawa: Feminist Theorization of “the Island of Military Bases”

Kozue Akibayashi

Resilience of the Community against Environmental Pollution: The Knowledge Production Process of Local Activism on PFAS Contamination on US Military Bases in Okinawa

Keisuke Mori

Resilience in the Report Environmental Assessment, General Management Plan: War in the Pacific National Park, Guam

Daisuke Ikegami



PART V: Disaster Prevention


Perspectives on the Resilience of Okinawan Housing against Typhoons

Juan Jose Castro

DInSAR Technique and Laser Scanning Technology and Their Utilizations in Rock Engineering and Natural Disaster Management and Prevention
Takashi Ito, Ömer Aydan, Naohiko Tokashiki





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